Dear Amber,

Hello, this is Rosie. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but there is no way I could ever forget you. I am the girl from your neighborhood that you took advantage of. I was four years old, how could you do that to me? You told me it was just a game, that as long as I played along and did not tell my parents I could hang out with you. I looked up to you, I trusted you and you took advantage of a child. Why? You’re the reason I am terrified to be touched, why I was labeled a prude because I couldn’t allow anyone to touch me. You’re the reason I cry at night and why I have trouble trusting people. I know that you’re never going to read this and I know that you probably don’t even care. But I wonder how many other girls you’ve scarred. I wonder if I had known what you were doing if I could have stopped you. I’ve spent years being angry with you. I’ve spent years hating you and myself. You made me feel damaged, you made me scared. I refuse to be scared by you anymore, and I refuse to let this anger control my life. I wrote this letter to let you know that what you did was horrible, but I don’t hate you anymore. I love the person I have become and what you did to me does not define me. I am free of you and no longer does anything I do happen because of you or my hate. I am finally free. Goodbye Amber.



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